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The major shopping hub of Box Hill is two train stops away, while three buses connect Blackburn to Forest Hill. It shares its postcode with Blackburn North and Blackburn South.

Blackburn contains two railway stations, Laburnum and Blackburn, on the Belgrave and Lilydale lines, the former of which services the locality of Laburnum, in the western part of the suburb. Blackburn is also home of the 1st/8th Blackburn Scout Group and The Nerve Centre.

Blackburn enjoys three significant bushland parks: the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary, the Blackburn Creeklands park (comprising Blacks Walk, Kalang Park and Furness Park) which follows Gardiners Creek, and Cootamundra Walk.


Local Schools

There are six schools in Blackburn: Laburnum Primary School, Blackburn Primary School, Blackburn Lake Primary School, Old Orchard Primary School St Thomas the Apostle Primary School and Blackburn High School.


Sporting Clubs

Football: The Blackburn Panthers' (known as 'The Burners'), competing in the Eastern Football League.
Cricket: Blackburn Cricket Club, Blackburn North Cricket Club, Blackburn South Cricket Club, Laburnum Cricket Club (formerly Nunawading Churches of Christ Cricket Club)
Soccer: Blackburn Soccer Club, Blackburn North Baptist Soccer Club
Netball (Juniors): Blackburn South Netball Club, St Thomas Netball Club, Laburnum Netball Club, Blackburn Burners Netball Club and Blackburn lake netball club.
Tennis: Blackburn Tennis Club
Basketball: Blackburn Vikings - teams playing in the Victorian Junior Basketball League (Juniors) and the BigV Competition (Senior)

This information has been sourced from Wikipedia.